September 2015 Release


Improved Message Response Reporting

When viewing a Message Report for an Automated Message, you can now view sends, influenced opens, and direct opens for the timeframe you are viewing.

Previously, only Lifetime Range data were shown above the graph visualization, regardless of the timeframe you selected.


Data shown for last 30 days:

Data shown for the lifetime of the Automated Message:

For more information about Message Response Reporting, please see Message Reports.

And for a deeper look at the meaning of Influenced Opens and Direct Opens , please see: Appendix: Push Influence Primer.

SDK Updates

Bitcode Support

All apps built in Xcode 7 now have bitcode enabled by default, significantly decreasing the size of app binaries. We are currently offering two SDK builds, one with bitcode enabled for Xcode 7, and one with bitcode disabled for Xcode 6.4.

Xcode Bug Fix

A bug in Xcode 7 was producing numerous warnings when developers attempted to build against SDK 6.2.1. We have released a small patch that addresses the issue. This fix has slightly altered the integration instructions for Swift users linking against the static library.

Quickstart Workflow

Getting started with Urban Airship’s engagement services just got easier. The new Quickstart Guide, located in Go, will walk you through the process of integrating our SDK, uploading certificates, and sending a test push:

Please see the user guide for more information.