October 2015 Release


Automation Limits

Knowing when not to send a message can be as critical to your messaging campaigns as knowing when to send one.

At Urban Airship, we understand the delicate balance between under- and over-engagement. And we are excited to announce the release of Automation Limits, a new app-level control option for Automated Messages. Automation Limits give you another tool to manage the engagement balance, beyond the message-level limits that exist today.

Customers that have a large number of active automated messages can use this feature to specify a limit on the number of automated messages a device can receive in a given time period. For example, you can impose a limit of 3 automated messages in a 24-hour period, preventing devices from receiving more than 3 automated messages in a day.

You can have up to two Automation Limits configured simultaneously:

For more information on enabling Automation Limits, please see Automation Limits in our User Guide documentation.


Dashboard UI

The Wallet Dashboard now displays your data in a much more manageable format:

Previously, you could only access project-level data regarding the number of passes sent, added, and removed. You now have the option of viewing pass statistics at the project or template level. Each template now has an associated activity report, which shows the template-specific pass activity:

Additionally, all of this data can be exported to CSV files at the click of a button! Please see the Wallet Studio Dashboard and Reports documentation for more information.

Bulk Update by Template

You can now use the Wallet Dashboard to apply template changes to passes that have already been deployed:

Previously, you had to use one of our pass update API endpoints to apply template changes to deployed passes. Now, you can edit the template and then use the new Sync Template Changes feature to apply your template changes to all currently deployed passes.

For more information about Wallet Templates, see the Templates documentation.

Statistics API

The Wallet API now supports queries for template and project statistics. For more information, please see the API Documentation.

Windows SDK Update

We have released Windows SDK 1.0.4, which now includes support for Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). We support push to Live Tiles and Toast through WNS.

Please see our Windows Platform Docs to get started with the new SDK.