May 2015 Release

In-App Messaging

We are excited to announce the release of In-App Messaging:

In-app messages are banner notifications that appear inside of your app. Aside from empowering you to engage with users as they browse your app, you can also reach opted-out users, a previously unreachable audience segment.

In-app messages support all of the features supported by standard push messages, including Actions and Interactive Notifications. You can send in-app messages on their own, or you can include an associated push notification.

For more information see In-App Messaging. If you’d like to dive right into sending in-app messages, start with our Message Composer and API documentation.

Audience Lists

We now support uploading custom lists of device identifiers for message targeting:

If you collect data on customers via a CRM database or some other backend system, you can start putting this information to use by generating targeted device lists. For example, if some users on your website have indicated interest in weekly offers, create a Weekly Offers Audience List containing the device identifiers associated with those users, and then push to that list. Each Audience List can contain up to 10 million device identifiers.

For more information about this feature, please visit our Dashboard or API documentation.