January 2014 Release


  • User Dashboard

    • Audience Report

    • Display Messages in Local Browser Time

    • Edit Scheduled Messages

User Dashboard

Audience Report

The Audience Report provides a current view of your audience by the number of devices opted-in and out- of notifications for iOS and Android. It also includes your total opted-in uninstall count. The data is updated daily and you can view previous snapshots (back to Jan 1st, 2014). The report is downloadable in CSV format making it easy to download multiple snapshots for comparison.

For more details on this new report, see Devices.

Display Messages in Local Browser Time

Until today in the Urban Airship UI, most dates were displayed in GMT. With this release, wherever possible we will display dates and times in the end user’s local browser time. This provides a simpler solution for most of our customers, removing the additional step of calculating time offsets.

Most of the time, the browser time will be accurate. However, it can can diverge if, for example, you travel and don’t have your device set to update its time zone automatically. In this case, the time displayed will reflect the time zone from your default location rather than the time in your current location.

The display times we are updating include:

  • Messages Overview: Scheduled Messages, Drafts, and Message History tables

  • Per-Push Report: message delivery time and the graph axis will display in local time

  • Message Composer: when you schedule messages, you will see not just your selected time zone, but that time converted to local browser time

For example, a user logged in from Urban Airship headquarters in Portland, Oregon sees the history table times in PST:

Here is an example from the Message Composer, where a user in PST has scheduled a message to go out in Samoa time (note the user’s local time displayed below the calendar):

Here is the Push Detail Page graph, also viewed from Pacific Time (Note that this image was taken in August during Daylight Savings time, hence the PDT display).

Edit Scheduled Messages

With this release we provide the ability to edit a scheduled message. Previously we only provided the ability to cancel a message that has been scheduled but not yet sent. This feature enables customers to both open a message to validate its accuracy and to edit that message with necessary changes.

To edit a message, just click on the new edit message icon, and the message opens up in the push composer.

For your protection, we remove that message from our scheduling system and save it as a draft.

Before editing is allowed, a confirmation message will appear to prevent any serious errors (such as sending a message while the user is editing the message and inadvertently sending out a duplicate). It requires, however, that the user either save changes as a draft, or reschedule the message delivery time. The composer otherwise works as usual.