December 2015 Release


We are happy to announce the release of Urban Airship Insight, a mobile marketing intelligence tool:

Insight provides a series of dashboards, each containing several reports. Our release offerings include:

  • Overview: View summary data on direct opens and active user count.

  • Lifecycle: Understand the motivations behind new users, monthly active users, and unistalls of your app.

  • Messages: View the performance of your messaging campaigns.

  • Revenue: Examine revenue per user based on conversion events.

While we have an existing reports product, Insight targets a different customer need. Our current reports system effectively conveys long-term trends within your app, whereas Insight looks at a shorter window of data (up to 13 months maximum). Insight’s strength is the granularity and customizability of the data – users are free to filter and expand the data based on a number of attributes.

Any report can be converted to a CSV and downloaded, making all of the information actionable. For example, you could view the users that executed a specific custom event, export the associated data to a CSV file, and then upload the CSV through our Static List Uploader for future targeting.

Please visit our Insight User Guide.


Edit Pass Expiry

You can now use the Wallet UI to set the expiration date of passes:

By creating an expiration date, you can prevent stale passes from accumulating on customers’ devices. Additionally, all passes now have a default expiration date determined by pass type. For more information, see the Wallet documentation.

Android Pay Updates

We have updated our Android Pay support to be current with the latest changes from Android. This update includes the following changes:

  • Certain template updates automatically sync to currently deployed Android Pay passes. See the note in the Publish Tutorial for details.

  • Android Pay now supports Gift Card type passes.

  • The layout of Android Pay passes has been updated. Please see our layout table for examples.

  • The colors on an Android Pay pass are now automatically determined by the logo image. See the Template Design Tutorial for details.

All changes included in this update are backwards compatible with earlier passes.

Unity/Xamarin Support

We now provide full support for the Unity and Xamarin app development frameworks. These frameworks accelerate app development time by providing convenient bindings to our Android and iOS SDKs.

For more information on this release, please visit the Urban Airship Blog. For implementation details, see the official Unity and Xamarin documentation.