December 2013 Release

User Dashboard

New Composer Easier to Find

We’ve made it easier to get to the new Composer. From the top of the Messages Overview page, click the “+ Message” button. You no longer have to click through to the old composers to get there.

Alternatively, you can click the “Message” option in the shortcut button in the lower left-hand corner.

Save Message as Draft

In the New Composer, you can now save a draft of your work and come back to it later. Click the dark gray “Save as Draft” button in the upper right to save changes. After clicking, the button turns light gray to confirm your changes are saved.

This is a change in behavior from the old Rich Push composer, which saved drafts automatically, but did not provide feedback when it was saved.

Then, you will see your saved message draft in the Drafts area of the Message Overview page:

Duplicate Message from History

From the History section of the Messages Overview page, you can now click on the plus icon to duplicate a sent message. If the message was originally created in the new composer, the duplicated message will open into the new composer. If the message was created in the old Push or Rich Push composers, the duplicated message will open in that old composer.

Push to Inline Tags (target your audience by pre-existing tags or segments)

Now you can push to a set of tags in the New Composer. Rather than having to first create a segment, you can select them in the same message composer. Push to tags is still represented in our new Composer and API as a type of audience segment. You can choose an existing segment, or a tag segment you create on the fly:

This is a change in behavior from the old Push and Rich Push composers, where you had to first create a segment in the Segments area of the UI.

When you click tags, you can use our type-ahead search to combine existing tags, the same way you combine segments today.

When you select multiple tags, the devices matching those tags are combined (logical OR), which increases the audience size.

Custom HTML Preview

Now when you upload custom HTML to send as a Rich App Page, you have the ability to review what you’ve uploaded. Just click the “Preview” button:

This displays the same preview window you get with the template editor where you can test the layout in several mobile device types:

JavaScript is disabled in this preview window, to protect against XSS security vulnerabilities. This means that JavaScript used in visual rendering will not work.

This preview function also works with duplicated messages. When you duplicate from the message history section, you will have the ability to download and edit a message with HTML. You can also click Upload to overwrite that HTML file with a new version.

Digital Wallet

Save to Google Wallet

Save to Wallet lets your users add a Google Wallet Object from your website by clicking a button. Urban Airship simplifies this process by providing an API function that returns the JavaScript that will render the Save to Wallet button with the necessary information to create a Wallet Object. All you need is the user information and any pass-specific details.

To learn more about Google Wallet, visit the Google Wallet for Business site.

For more details, please see our Save to Android Pay documentation.