SDK 7.3.0 Release

We’re excited to announce the release of our 7.3.0 SDKs for both iOS and Android. This release greatly enhances both our Automation and Custom Events capabilites, providing native client-side support for Automation and enhancing SDK support for Custom Events through Custom Event Templates.

On-Device Automation

Now you can keep track of in-app events locally, and subsequently schedule (or cancel) Actions when the conditions are met. Read more in our platform documentation:

Custom Event Templates

Custom Event Templates provide a simple way to generate custom events for common account-, media-, or retail-related events.

In this 7.3.0 release, we deprecated our event extension and brought the functionality into the SDK as event templates. Event templates make generating custom events easier and makes our reporting consistent across our data products.

To learn more, see our iOS and Android Event Template topic guide: