Android Pay Deep Linking

Distributing passes for Android Pay just got a lot easier. Until now, distributing a pass required a user to access a landing page via their browser.

Now, downloading Android Pay passes will “just work.” As with iOS, no additional development is required to support a landing page for the URL. Just pass along the publicURL that you get when you create or update the pass with our Wallet API. We’ll take it from there, calling the Android Pay app to download the pass.

How does it work?

  1. Create template.

  2. Create or update pass, pointing to your Android template, and request a public URL for either single or multiple use.

  3. Retrieve the publicURL from the response.

See Pass Deep Linking in our Wallet API docs for details.

Batch Importer

We improved the performance and scalability of bulk creation of Wallet Passes. Use the Batch Importer to upload a CSV file of your CRM/Loyalty system data, download the passes using the provided links, then insert them directly into email marketing tools for distribution.

  • Create hundreds of thousands of passes at a time, increased from 5,000.

  • Map your CSV headers to the correct field names.

Read how to Create Passes Using a CSV File. CSV Batch Importer is currently available for Apple Wallet passes only.