SDK Updates

SDK 7.1 Released

The 7.1 releases of our iOS and Android/Amazon SDKs are out, with some great new features, including:

  • Support for limited ad tracking: SDK can now flag whether a user has enabled limited ad tracking

  • Improved Message Center message filtering

  • Increased Custom Event property limit to 100

For a complete list of updates, see the SDK changelogs:

To upgrade to the latest release, see the appropriate Platform page.

We recommend consulting the Android Migration Guides to upgrade your Android SDK, as some methods have been replaced.

Google Analytics Tracker

With 7.1 SDK and above, custom events support up to 100 properties, up from 20 in previous SDK versions.

Customers using Google Analytics can now proxy Google Analytics events as Urban Airship Custom Events. We’re hoping that the bump to 100 properties will give your Marketing team plenty to think about.

If you’re new to Custom Events, check out Custom Events.

Interactive Notification Types

We added 10 more single and paired buttons, for a total of 37 out-of-the-box ways for users to interact with notifcations from outside an app.

iOS 8, Android, and Amazon support push notifications with additional buttons for secondary, complementary actions, allowing users to interact with notifications from outside of the app. There are a number of common options for actions that are enabled by the Urban Airship SDK (5.0 or later). Additionally, you can define any number of custom interactions for a specific use case.

Urban Airship provides a set of standard Interactive Notification types.

Take a look at our full list of Built-In Interactive Notification Types, and see the Interactive Notifications Primer to learn more.

The new additions are:

  • Add to calendar

  • Add to digital wallet

  • Save for later

  • Follow story

  • Rate now

  • Rate now/Remind me later

  • Search (take user to search functionality within your app)

  • Book now (take user to booking flow within your app)