ADM Setup

Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) is the transport method that Urban Airship supports for Amazon notifications.

Amazon Steps

Get Your OAuth Credentials and API Key


While you will not need in-depth knowledge of Amazon's ADM platform in order to use ADM for push notifications, we recommend that you review Amazon's Understanding ADM documentation before continuing

  1. Log in to the Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal.

  2. Follow Amazon's documentation to obtain your OAuth Credentials and API Key.

  3. Navigate to Security Profiles » General, and save the Client ID and Client Secret (OAuth Credentials) values for use in the Urban Airship SDK step below.
  4. Click the Android/Kindle Settings tab, copy the value of the API key, and paste it as the only data in a new text file named api_key.txt, which will be used in the API Key step below.
    For a release, or production, version of your app, see Store Your API Key as an Asset.

Urban Airship Steps

Configure the Amazon Service

  1. Open your project from the Urban Airship dashboard, then navigate to Settings » Channels » Mobile App Platforms.

  2. Click Configure for Amazon, then enter your Client ID and Client secret.

  3. Click Save.

Save the API Key

Save the api_key.txt file created above into your application’s assets directory: src/main/assets/.

Next Steps

Configure the UA SDK

To send notifications, you must integrate the Urban Airship SDK into your Amazon application. See: Android/Amazon: SDK Installation.