Configure Open Channels

Add Open Channels to your project, or edit an existing configuration.


Open Channels configuration requires your webhook URL. See: Set Up Your Webhook Server.

What You'll Do

  1. Configure Open Channels in your Urban Airship project's settings.


  1. Open your project from the dashboard, then navigate to Settings » Channels » Open Channels.

  2. Click + Configure New Open Channel, or click Edit to make changes to a previously configured channel.

  3. Complete the form. All fields are required.

    • Name: Enter a name indicative of the platform, e.g., slack or sms. This is the canonical name that will be used for programmatic use through our API. 20-character maximum. A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _, and - only.

    • Display Name: Enter a user-friendly name for the channel, e.g., "Alexa," "Smart Toaster Dev." This is the name of the channel as it will appear in the Urban Airship dashboard.

    • Webhook URL: Enter the URL + path to which we will deliver message payloads, e.g.,

    • Authentication: Select the authentication mechanism for your webhook server.

      • None

      • Basic: Enter the username and password for the webhook server.

      • Signature Hash: Enter a secret key for use as a part of the X-UA-SIGNATURE header. See Signature Hash and Security for more information.

  4. Click Save, or cancel to discard.

    After saving, a Validation Code field appears, containing a 36-character UUID. This code must be returned by the webhook server at <webhook_root>/validate. See: Set Up Your Webhook Server.

  5. Check the Enabled box to enable this for API use, then click Update, or cancel to discard.

We do not validate the endpoint until you enable and save the configuration. We will revalidate it each time you update the configuration, as long as it remains enabled.