Wallet Triggers Menu Guide

Set Triggers to make pass-relevant text appear on a user’s lock screen based on location and/or date. Clicking the text opens the pass. Beacons may also be attached to Apple Wallet templates.

Open your project from the dashboard, then click Triggers in the navigational header.

Template Triggers

The Templates in your current project are listed here. Click anywhere in a template's row to see its Trigger settings in the expanded view, and click again to hide. If you have only one template in the project, the initial view is expanded.

Relevant Location

Relevant Location text is displayed on a user’s screen when the device is in the vicinity of certain location.

Proximity requirements differ between Apple Wallet and Google Pay, and by pass type for Apple Wallet. An Apple Wallet coupon, for example, will appear within 100 meters of the set location, and a boarding pass within 1,000 meters, while proximity for Google Pay is 150 meters for all pass types. See the Location Radius column in the Location Triggers reference table.

Relevant Date

Relevant Date text is displayed on a user’s lock screen at a certain date and time. If only Relevant Date is used, the text displayed will be similar to "Today at 12:30"; if combined with Relevant Location, the Relevant Location text will be displayed instead.

The timing when the relevant text appears is determined by Apple Wallet and Google Pay and varies by pass type.

See the Location Triggers reference table for available triggers per pass type, requirements, and location radius and date window information.

Create a Trigger

Follow the steps in the Triggers Tutorial.