Wallet Settings Menu Guide

Settings is where you manage the project's details, barcode, certificates, and Associated App IDs. The project's API key and secret are also available in the Settings menu.

Open your project from the dashboard, click the Settings gear icon in the navigational header, then make your selection.

Project Details

Project Details displays the Project Name, Project Description, ID, Custom Project ID, and creation date.

  • Click Update or the Edit Details button to make changes to the Project Name, Project Description, or Custom Project ID, then click either the Save or Cancel button.
  • Entering a Custom Project ID overrides the project's auto-generated default Project ID.
  • Clicking the Delete Project button is followed by a confirmation dialog. Before the project can be deleted, you must expire or delete all passes associated with the project.


Manage your Apple and Google certificates for the selected project. Follow the steps in Manage Certificates.


Barcode displays information about your project's selected barcode format and associated default values. You may change your barcode choice here, as well as edit the default values. Click the Edit Barcode button, make your desired changes, then click the Save button, or Cancel to discard.

Each heading is defined on the page. When editing, hover over the question mark icon near each element for more detail.


Encoded Barcode Value

  • If the barcodes should be the same for every pass, set the default barcode value here.
  • If the barcodes should be dynamic, differing for each pass, you must add specific keys to the header in the API.

Associated App ID


This section only applies to Apple Wallet only.

If you have an iOS app that works with your pass, you can add a link to the app from the back of a pass by creating an association between the app and the project by entering the app's iTunes Store Identifier (ADAM ID).

Enter the app's iTunes Store Identifier (ADAM ID) here to create an association between the app and the project. This places the link to the app on the back of the pass.

  • If the app isn't installed on the device, the link opens the app's page in the App Store.
  • If the app is already installed, the link will open the app.

Follow the steps in the Associated App ID Tutorial.


API displays your Project Key and Project Secret, which are used for issuing requests to the Wallet API.

Save to Google Pay

Save to Google Pay allows end users to save wallet objects from your website to Google Pay. See Pass Distribution Methods: Save to Google Pay.

To activate this feature, define an Origin URL.

  1. Click the Edit button.

  2. Enter the root URL where your Save to Google Pay button will be placed, e.g., https://www.mysite.com.

    The Origin URL is a list of domains to whitelist JSON Web Token (JWT) saving functionality. The Save to Google Pay button will not render if this field is not filled out properly.

  3. Click the Save button, or Cancel to discard.