Engage Team Access

Team Access is where you can view and manage project-related responsibilities.

Open your project from the dashboard, then click Settings and select Team Access.


Account Registration

When you register on go.urbanairship.com, two linked accounts are created:

  1. Company Account

    • Where projects are created and contained.
    • Controlled by a single User Account.
  2. User Account

    • The Owner of the Company Account.


  • Only the Owner of a Company Account can create projects for that company.

  • Access is set for each project individually.

    • User Accounts that have an assigned role for a particular project are members of that project’s Team.
    • When an Owner creates a project, the Owner is automatically its first Team member.
    • A User Account can only be an Owner of one company but may be a Team member of multiple projects.
  • Project Team members will only see the project functions that apply to their role(s). For example:

    • If you're assigned to Composers Only, you will see in the project dashboard:

    • If you're assigned to Reports and Composers, you will see in the project dashboard:
    • If you're assigned to Reports Only, you will see in the project dashboard:

Users cannot create projects in Company Accounts they do not own. If you need a new project to be created in a Company Account that you are not the Owner of, the Owner of that Company must first create the project then invite you to the new project's Team.

Manage Invitations

Send Invitations

  1. Click in the Team Member field, and it will expand. Then fill out the form.
    • Team Member: Enter the email address or username of the user you want to invite.

      If the user has an existing Urban Airship account, enter the user's Urban Airship username. Otherwise, enter the user's email address. In either case, the user will receive an email with an invitation to accept the new access. See: Accept Invitations.


      Usernames are case-sensitive. Always use the username, if available. If you enter an email address for an existing Urban Airship user and that user's account is associated with a different email address than the one you are inviting, he or she may attempt to create a new account.

    • Access Level: Select from the dropdown menu. See Role Responsibilities for detail.

    • Send email from: Choose whether to send the invitation from your email address, or Urban Airship

      Your email address
      This is the best option, as the invitation will appear as being sent directly from you, and you will receive any bounce notifications in the case the email address is invalid. The invitation is also less likely to be caught in the recipient's spam filter.

      Send from Urban Airship
      Some companies' email servers enforce a rule requiring domain name and email sender fields to be the same. If this is true for your company, choose this option to ensure that your email goes through. However, you may also want to ask the recipient to look for this email and also check any spam filter for it.

    • Message: Optionally add a personal note.

    • Send a copy to yourself?: Optionally check the box to send yourself a copy of the invitation.
  2. Click the Share Project button, or click cancel to discard.

The new user will be listed in the Team Access list by username if an account already exists, or by email address if an account still needs to be created. Users with pending invitations have (pending) noted next to the username or email address.

When a user either accepts an invitation or creates an Urban Airship account, the (pending) designation no longer appears next to the username in the Team Access list.

If a user with an existing Urban Airship account declines an invitation, the user will be removed from the project's Team Access list.

A user without an Urban Airship account will remain on the Team Access list as (pending) until access is accepted, or until manually removed.

Accept Invitations

Users who do not yet have an Urban Airship account will receive email with subject Activate your Urban Airship account and a request to follow a link to confirm the email address and activate the account. Saving the password activates the account.

All users will receive an email to accept the project access at go.urbanairship.com/companies/team_management/. If already logged in, this is accessible by clicking the Account menu icon in the right side of the header, then selecting Team Management from the dropdown menu.

See Managing Your Account: Team Management: Engage for information about accepting invitations.

Change Access

Edit Project Roles

  1. Click edit next to the user's current Access Level.
  2. Select a new role from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the Save button, or cancel to discard the change.

Remove Access

Using the same steps as Edit Project Roles, select Remove Access from the dropdown menu.

Role Responsibilities

PermissionOwnerAdministratorFull AccessReports OnlyComposers1 OnlyReports & Composers1Reports, Composers1, Segments
Create a project
Delete a project
Send Team Access invitations
View all user activity in the Team Management Activity log
Modify Team Management Security options
Create and modify an IP Whitelist
Change an existing Team Member's project role
Remove a Team Member's access to a project
Edit a project
View App Key, Secret, and Master Secret
Create Push Templates
View, create, and modify Segments
View, print, and export Reports
Compose messages

1 Composers are our dashboard workflows.