Segment is a customer data warehouse that lets you combine data from disparate applications and platforms. The Urban Airship/Segment integration takes mobile user data from your app and sends it to the Urban Airship reporting and analytics system.

This integration implements hooks in your app for the following Segment methods:

  • Identify
  • Track
  • Screen
  • Group

For each Segment method, there is an equivalent Urban Airship feature to map to:

Urban Airship Concept Segment Concept
Screen Viewed Event (Connect only) Screen
Named Users Identify
Custom Events Track
Tags Group

Segment also provides an excellent overview of this integration.

Getting Started

Account Setup

First you will need to create an account with both Segment and Urban Airship.

Your Urban Airship must include Urban Airship Engage, at minimum. Talk to your Urban Airship Account Manager about pricing and packaging options for Insight and Connect.

SDK Integration

  1. Integrate both Segment and Urban Airship SDKs into your project.

    • If you do not yet have Urban Airship’s SDK installed, follow the steps in Segment’s Urban Airship Integration setup document. You will install Urban Airship’s SDK during Segment’s setup process.

    • If you already have Urban Airship’s SDK installed and then install the Segment SDK, either:

      • Reinstall the kit through Segment for an SDK update and to map the events, or
      • Map Segment events to Urban Airship-specific events, e.g., tags, custom events, etc.
  2. Add the Urban Airship depencency and Segment integration to your project.

Use Cases

Adding Urban Airship’s unique information to Segment lets you route data to your marketing, analytics, and data warehouse providers of choice.

Use cases are specific to how you are using Segment, but these are a few examples based on the types of integrations supported by Segment.

  • Reach your customer on multiple channels (email, social, etc.), leveraging mobile user behavior to optimize your marketing messages.
  • Run custom analysis with mobile data with one of Segment’s data warehouse providers.
  • Pre-mapped events from Segment to Urban Airship.