Insight User Guide

Urban Airship Insight helps you understand exactly what your customers are doing and which behaviors are causing them to take action. With user-level audience engagement dashboards, ad-hoc discovery tools, and conversion reporting, you can uncover the “why” behind your ROI.

Unlike most analytics tools that only allow you to see summary-level results, Insight allows you to discover — down to the individual user — which actions a user took and how they responded to your messaging. The ability to drill down to the individual also allows you to take action directly from any data point.

Setup and Dashboards

Learn how to set up and navigate Insight, and each dashboard’s purpose and reporting options.


Learn how to use tools and features.

Partner Integrations

Urban Airship Partner integrations.

Your Account

Manage your account, billing, app access, and security.


Q: What version of the SDK is required?
A: We recommend the latest SDK, but we support devices with SDK 4.0+.

Q: Is insight meant as a replacement for existing reports?
A: No, Insight targets a different customer need. Our current reports system effectively conveys long-term trends within your app, whereas Insight looks at a shorter window of data: up to 12 months maximum. Insight’s strength is the granularity and customizability of the data — users are free to filter and expand the data based on a number of attributes. Moreover, unlike current reports, the data within Insight is actionable. You can convert an Insight report into a CSV of device identifiers, then create an Audience List using our CSV uploader, allowing you to directly target those devices.

Q: How much data is stored in Insight?
A: Depending on your plan, Insight records up to either 3 or 12 months of data.

Q: Is Insight real-time?
A: No. If you need to view data regarding a specific event, we recommend waiting several days after the occurrence of the event before analyzing the data. This will allow you to get a full view of the outcomes of your actions. If real-time data is a necessity for your use case, consider Connect, our real-time mobile data stream.

Q: Can I bookmark a specific Insight report?
A: Yes! To do so, open the report in a new browser tab, then bookmark that tab’s URL.