Funnel and Path Tutorial

Insight makes it easy to analyze the behaviors of your users with funnel and pathing analysis. This tutorial expands on templated funnels to show you how you can create your own funnels and path reports. Funnels and path are available for Custom Events .

Since most users are unable to complete a goal in a single session our funnel and path report shows goals achieved over a time range.

  1. Navigate to the Insight section in the Dashboard, and select Revenue. Right click on Funnel and open in a new window:
  2. You should now be viewing a new exploration panel. From here you can adjust the names of the events in the Filters section, and click Run:
  3. You can remove the mapping of the event names from the visualization by going to the gear icon, selecting Style, and removing the text in the Series Labels box:
  4. To see the path of users, e.g. abandoned cart, remove the filter on Event 2 and 3 and select Custom Event 1, 2, and 3 under the dimensions category. Click Run and you will see the counts of users for each specific path.:

If you want to bookmark your explorations, open the explore view in a new window. On a Ctrl+Click (Windows) or ⌘+Click (Mac) any Report name or Data point. You can then use your browser’s bookmark feature to save the explored view.