The Dashboard

The dashboard is the Urban Airship web interface located at It is where you create and access the containers, or projects, that will contain the settings, certificates, reports, and other details related to your messages and wallet passes. Almost everything you do with Urban Airship, including creating messages and pass templates, happens inside a project. To learn more about projects, see: How Messages and Passes Work.

The dashboard has two levels:

  1. A list of all your messaging and wallet pass projects.
  2. An individual messaging or wallet pass project, after you've opened it from the list of all your projects.

All Projects

Each messaging project pane displays its name, environment, and channels. Each wallet project pane displays its name and pass type. Click a pane to open a project.

If you have more than eight projects, up to four of your most recently accessed projects appear under the Recent header. Recent projects are not shown when sort, filter, or search are applied.

Narrow your project list:

  • Search: Enter a complete or partial project name.

  • Sort: The default view is sorted by creation date, newest projects first. Click Name or Date Created to sort further. Click again to toggle ascending/descending order.

  • Filter: Click Owner to display projects you own and Team to display projects you have non-owner access to. For more information, see the Team Management sections in Managing Your Account.

    Use the dropdown menu to select Messaging or Mobile Wallet Projects. After selecting a project type, additional filters will appear:

    • Messaging Projects:

      • Live/Test: Toggle environment type.
      • Channels: Select from the dropdown menu.

    • Mobile Wallet Projects

      • Pass Types: Select from the dropdown menu.
      • Companies: Select from the dropdown menu.

Click the Urban Airship logo in the header to return to the list of all your projects. Click the user icon to access your account menu.

To create a new project, click Create Project, choose whether to create a project for messaging or for mobile wallet, then follow the steps in:

Project Dashboards