What Is Urban Airship?

Urban Airship is a platform for customer engagement, lifecycle marketing, and analytics and data solutions.

Beginning with our notification and messaging solutions, reach customers on any conceivable engagement channel from mobile apps to web browsers to email to SMS and more. No matter the medium of communication, Urban Airship makes it easy for you to focus on engaging with your users.

Once you're up and running on Urban Airship, use our best-in-class targeting and campaign management tools, run A/B tests on your users, automate your messaging workflow and strategy with our automation and orchestration toolset, and use our AI-powered predictive features to optimize your messaging and retain your users.

And finally, use our real-time event stream API and anayltics dashboard to better understand your users.

This site provides information to help you understand and use the Urban Airship platform.

Products and Plans

Urban Airship has four major products:

  • Engage: Our flagship product — send messages to an audience of users.
  • Mobile Wallet: Create passes for Apple Wallet and Google Pay.
  • Connect: Your app's real-time event stream.
  • Insight: Collects and interprets engagement data to help you understand how your messages affect your audience.

Product and feature availability are based on your purchased plan. Some features within Engage require additional entitlements, as do some partner integrations. Contact an Urban Airship account manager for help determining the feature set that is right for you.

Using Urban Airship

Urban Airship is exposed in three major components. You should take advantage of all three to get the most out of the platform.

  • Integrate your apps and websites with Urban Airship SDKs. Our SDKs expose the Urban Airship platform to your mobile app or website, so you can register channels, send and automate messages to your users, and gather data to help you tailor your messages to your audience. See: The SDKs and APIs.

  • Use the APIs to integrate additional messaging channels. Through Urban Airship APIs, you can can integrate external CRMs, expose Urban Airship to channels that we don't natively support ("open channels"), register channels that don't use the SDK (SMS, email, etc). Our APIs help you supplement your app and web channels, and expose some advanced messaging features. See: The SDKs and APIs.

  • Design messages and passes, templates, and visualize data through our dashboard web interface. Access your projects at go.urbanairship.com, and take advantage of the user-friendly interface to manage your projects, create passes, and see your messages as they appear to your audience. See: The Dashboard.


Through Urban Airship's features like custom events and named users, you can associate data from external systems with your users, and automate communications with users when they leave items in their cart, perform an action within your app, etc.

See our Partner Integrations page for a list of ready-made integrations. Contact Professional Services for information about integrating with an external system.

Using the Docs

Our docs are split into guides, tutorials, and reference materials.

  • Guides explain the major concepts of the platform and its features and how they work together.
  • Tutorials are procedural content that walk you through specific tasks.
  • Reference contains details about features, settings, API syntax, etc., as well as billing, legal, and other company information.

If you are a developer, get started in our Platforms section to integrate your first engagement channel.

For customer assistance, visit support.urbanairship.com.