Message Center

Message Center is a user inbox for your app where you can display persistent rich messages, including HTML, video, and more. Message content is hosted by Urban Airship, and you can choose to display the messages and the message lists any way you wish, according to the look and feel of your app. We do our part by hosting the rich content, alerting users of new content via push notifications, and managing the state (read, unread, deleted, etc.) of each user's messages.

Key Terms

A workflow is a method of creating messages via the dashboard.
The dashboard is the Urban Airship web interface located at



Reach Opted-out Users
Message Center messages are not push notifications, but you can use push notifications to alert users that new rich content is available. Because Message Center messages do not require a user to opt in to push notifications, you can reach your opted-out audience with Message Center.
More Opportunities to Engage
When users interact with Message Center, e.g., read, delete, tap a button, Urban Airship tracks the interactions and makes them available via our analytics offerings, Connect and Insight.

By providing engaging content and facilitating interactions via Message Center, you can also trigger other Actions such as adding a tag, or triggering a follow-up notification.

Simple Theming
Theming your Message Center to match the look and feel of your app is easy, requiring changes configuration file in your iOS or Android/Amazon project. Change the colors, fonts, backgrounds and icons to match your branding.

See Styling the iOS Message Center and Styling the Android Message Center to get started.

And more:

  • Persistent inbox
  • Customized per user, according to how you target individual users
  • Delete/Mark as read/unread
  • Customizable UI, or use out-of-the-box
  • Data/Reporting
  • JavaScript Bridge

Send To Your Message Center



To send a Message Center message via our API, include a message object in your push notification request. The message object provides the content for the message. See: Message Center Object.

Configuration and Requirements

Message Center requires the SDK 7.0 or later. See the appropriate Platform page to get started. If you are using an earlier SDK, see our iOS and Android migration guides.

Message Center platform integration: