Apple News Notifications

Apple News notifications alert users to news stories in the Apple News app on iOS and macOS.

Key Terms

A workflow is a method of creating messages via the dashboard.
The dashboard is the Urban Airship web interface located at



If you are an Apple News Publisher, expand your reach beyond users of your own app to users who subscribe to your updates via Apple News.

Target Apple News users using a familiar Urban Airship workflow.


We do not collect data from Apple News installations, so no reporting is available.

Behavior and Appearance

Apple News notifications are banner alerts and can appear on any screen on a device. Delivery is immediate. If the selected story is still processing, it will send when the story is live.

Send an Apple News Notification




Apple News notifications are not supported in our API.

Configuration and Requirements

In order to send Apple News notifications via Urban Airship, you must be an Apple News Publisher.

Once your stories are published to your Apple News channel, simply select a story and the target recipient countries in the Apple News workflow.