Lifecycle Lists: Quick Start Guide

Lifecycle Lists are Urban Airship-generated Audience Lists that group users based on certain lifecycle events. Use these lists to target users with personalized messages based on these behaviors. You can:

Lifecycle List types include:

  • First App Open: Target users that have been acquired recently.
  • Opened App: Target users according to active-user status.
  • Uninstalls: Target users (via non-push channels) who have uninstalled your app.
  • Sent Notifications: Filter out users who have already received a message.
  • Dormant: Target previously active customers who have not engaged with the app recently.

Use Cases

First App Open

  • Engage with newly-acquired users, sending specific messages that help them understand the benefits of your app.
  • Guide users to specific areas of your app experience that they might not know about.
  • Welcome customers and deliver an incentive to open the app again.

Opened App

  • If your app is focused on daily or weekly users, e.g., a gaming app, use the Last Whole Day or Last 7 Days Opened App list to target your most active users.
  • For lifestyle or retail apps, the Last 30 Days list can be used to message users that have engaged, pushing them to a conversion point in the app such as making a purchase.


  • Use this list to export devices that have uninstalled your app. Consider messaging them via a different channel regarding the value and utility of mobile notifications.
  • Augment your data warehouse with this information to investigate why they uninstalled your app.

Sent Notifications

  • Create a segment to filter out users that recently received a message to limit overreach.
  • Export this list into your email tool to filter our users you have already messaged.
  • Export this list into your CRM to investigate how users actions outside of the app are influenced by your messaging.


  • Send special offers to previously active users, incentivizing re-engagement with your app.
  • Send messages that describe the value and benefit of your app to users who have become dormant. Encourage re-engagement by describing new app versions and features.
  • Export the dormant list into your CRM and follow up with customers via a different communication method.