Getting Started with Reach


Reach is the world’s first multi-platform mobile wallet solution. Use Reach to create Apple Wallet or Google Pay passes — digital cards stored in the native digital wallet on a smartphone.

Passes are distributed via URL:

  1. The URL points to the pass.
  2. When an end user opens the URL, they can view and install the pass.

After you design a pass template, you then generate the template's pass URLs, using these methods:



And after you generate the URLs, you can then distribute the passes via the method of your choosing.

Start Using Reach

  1. Sign up, and optionally set up your certificate.
  2. Create a new project and template.
  3. Design the template's appearance.
  4. Send yourself a Test Pass.
  5. Generate the template's pass URLs.

Registration and Login

  1. Sign up for a new account on

  2. Check your email for a verification message.

  3. Log in at, and select Reach from the navigation header.

Now you can start creating passes! Follow the steps in the Project and Template Tutorial.

Certificate Setup

After creating your Reach account, you may create projects and templates, but you will not be able to generate passes until you set up Apple Wallet and/or Google Pay certificates.

Apple Wallet

  1. Complete the steps in the Urban Airship Support article How to make an Apple Pass Type Certificate. You will use the certificate and its password in the next step.

  2. Complete the steps in Manage Certificates: Apple Wallet: Add a New Certificate.

Uploading your Apple Pass Type Certificate will automatically upgrade your Reach account to a Free Trial.

Google Pay


Google Pay integration is initiated by Urban Airship. Please contact us to make your request.

Free Trial

Free trials of Reach are available for iOS apps, with the following stipulations:

  • Create up to 100 passes.
  • Passes expire in 7 days.

Complete these steps to see Reach in action:

  1. Register for an account, verify your email address, and log in.

  2. Set up your Apple Pass Type certificate.

  3. Follow the Project and Template Tutorial and Template Design Tutorial to create your first project and design a pass. Make sure to choose Apple Wallet as your template type.

  4. Send yourself a Test Pass.

Learn: Passes

Key Topics

Passes are distributed via URL. Learn about how those URLs are created and how to distribute passes to your users.


Learn: Dashboard

Dashboard and Menus

Learn your way around and each menu.

Template Editor

The Reach Template Editor is the web tool used to configure a pass’s appearance and fields.

Tutorials: Templates

Tutorials: Features

  • Create Adaptive Links
  • CSV Batch Importer — Generate passes via CSV upload.
  • Segments Builder — Segments are predefined groupings of your audience that you can construct using Tags in the Segments Builder.
  • Triggers — Set Triggers to make pass-relevant text appear on a user’s lock screen based on location and/or date.

Tutorials: Apple Wallet

  • Associated App ID — Link to your app from the back of an Apple Wallet pass.
  • Change Message — Alert your Apple Wallet passholders when pass content has been changed.
  • Publish — Apply template design changes to Apple Wallet passes that have already been distributed.

Learn: API