Lifecycle List CSV Download

This guide is a quick walkthrough of downloading one of our Lifecycle Lists in CSV format. Each Lifecycle List row includes your users’ channel IDs , which you can associate with your backend system.

Downloading a List

To download a Lifecycle List you must be either an Owner or Adminsistrator. Please note that once initially enabled, your first Lifecycle Lists will be available in 24 hours. The delay is necessary in order to populate the minimum data required for the shortest time interval: Last Whole Day.

Each list type’s pane displays its name, definition, and the following per time interval (see Lifecycle Lists for additional detail):

  • Processing status indicator: A green circle with a check mark has hover text “Successfully processed.” A yellow triangle with an exclamation point has hover text “Failed to process. Please contact”

  • Time interval days, dates, and time zone

  • Last Processed day, date, and time zone

  • Download CSV link

  • Devices count: The number of channels associated with the list. As with Uploaded Lists, the Devices count includes both users who are opted-in and opted-out of push. For example, if you send a push to a list of 1,000 devices where 600 of the devices are opt-in, only 600 devices will receive that push, whereas an in-app message would go to all 1,000 devices. This distinction between a list’s Devices count (total devices) and opt-in devices is important to know when viewing a push-to-list’s Total Sends metric — Total Sends will correspond to opt-in devices rather than the Devices count.

Once a list is available, click the Download CSV arrow icon at the end of its row.

Alternatively, you may use the GET /api/lists/(list)/csv API endpoint to download a Lifecycle List via the API. The following example downloads a CSV file of the Direct Open list:

Example Request:

GET /api/lists/ua_direct_open_last_7_days/csv HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic <master authorization string>
Accept: application/vnd.urbanairship+csv; version=3;

Example Response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/csv


Specifically, ua_direct_open_last_7_days refers to the list containing users that have directly opened your app from a push notification in the last 7 days. Please see our API documentation for a full listing of Lifecycle List API names.

Using a List

Your downloaded CSV file has two columns: device type and channel ID. How you use this data depends on your backend integration:

  1. You maintain a mapping of channel IDs to customer IDs (such as named users) in your system. If this is the case, you have all the information you need! Feed the channel IDs into your backend system for further analysis.

  2. You don’t have a mapping, but you do have named users integrated with your app. In order for the downloaded list data to be usable, you need to get the named user associated with each channel:

    1. Use the named users listing endpoint to get a paginated list of named users and their associated channels.

    2. Iterate through the list of named users and their channels, mapping the channels contained in your downloaded list to the appropriate named user. How you accomplish this step is up to you. You may want to write a simple script that compares the named user list generated in step 1 with the downloaded list.

    3. Now that each channel on the downloaded list has an associated named user, you may add the channels to your backend system.