Managing Your Account

To access account-related information, click your username from the right side of the Urban Airship dashboard header. Each section’s purpose and options are detailed below.

Not all menu items appear for all users. Account Info and Log Out are the only universal options.

The date and time of your last login are shown at the bottom of the menu. The same information is also shown in the page footer, along with your username and IP address. The time is your browser’s local time.

Account Info

Account Info is where you can view and edit your Profile and Plan, and view and download your app audience count.


Your account’s username and email address are displayed in the Profile pane. To make changes to either, or to change your password, click UPDATE. Changing your password requires entering your current password.

Enter the new values, then click the Change button, or cancel to discard.


Enterprise Customers

Only your plan name will be displayed in this pane. To update your payment information, see Billing Info.

E-Commerce Customers

Your products are listed under Plan. Click Other plan options to compare plan features and pricing. If you are in a free billing tier, click UPGRADE to move to a paid plan.

If you are enrolled in a trial, it will be listed under Additional Products. Click MANAGE to either purchase a trialed product or enroll in a trial.

Your current Credit Card information is displayed along with your next billing date and amount. Click UPDATE to make changes. A modal window will open. Follow the steps to update your payment information.

Click Payment History to view your monthly billing and status. A modal window displays the billing period, plan name, amount, and payment status. Click a billing period’s dates to view the invoice.

Addressable Users Count

E-Commerce customers will see an additional pane displaying their Addressable Users count, which is broken down by Current and Last month. See Addressable Users for calculation method.

Usage History

Usage History displays the Addressable Users counts that we use to generate customer invoices.

Monthly Addressable Users counts are shown for the top 20 apps that contribute to your billing totals. To view all apps that contributed to the total, download the CSV. Usage history is available for the last 12 months.

The first count column is your Addressable Users count, followed by the counts per platform. Click the month and year to display usage per app. Click again to hide it.

At the end of the month it can take up to 10 business days for our systems to complete and update billing metrics. Metrics can change slightly during this period due to a small number of events that trickle in later because of connectivity issues. It is best to view a month’s metrics at least 10 days after the end of that month.

Delete Account

To remove your Urban Airship Account, click Delete Account at the bottom of the page to begin the process.

Billing Info

Billing Info is an option for Enterprise customers only. A modal window will open. Follow the steps to update your billing/payment information.

Team Management

Team Management is where you can accept or give app Access, as well as adjust Security settings for your company.


Accept Access

Accept or decline a pending Team Access Invitation by clicking the appropriate button.

If an invitation is declined, the notice is permanently deleted. You cannot revert this decision and accept at a later time. A new invitation must be sent by the app Owner or Administrator.

After accepting an invitation, the notification is removed from the Accept Access list.

Give Access

To configure access to your apps, click the + User button next to an app name. This opens the Settings » Team Access menu for that app.

This section appears to company Owners only. See Team Access for more information.


Team Management Security options are available to Enterprise customers. Toggle to enable/disable.

This section appears to company Owners only. See Team Access for more information.

Password Reset
Requires password reset after 90 days of last password change.

Unique Password Requirement
New Password cannot be one of the last 3 passwords.

Block Multiple Sessions
Ensures that only one session can be active at a time by logging out existing browser sessions upon a new login.

IP Whitelist

Urban Airship’s IP Whitelist protects against unauthorized app use by restricting access to a set of trusted IP addresses.

Define one easy-to-maintain whitelist per company containing an unlimited number of network ranges and/or IP addresses that can access your company’s app dashboards and API communication endpoints.

Your IP Whitelist is created and maintained at the Company Account level by the Owner of all your company’s apps.

The following Preparation section will help you determine which users to include in your company’s IP whitelist.


Before creating your IP Whitelist, plan your approach and gather user data. Doing this preliminary work will significantly reduce support calls related to app access after you build the whitelist.

Here are some rules and guidelines to help make it easier to create and maintain your company’s IP Whitelist.

  1. Inventory all individuals that must have access to your company’s apps, then identify and list their IP addresses. Your list may include company employees, outside contractors, and agency employees.

  2. Anyone with a Team Access role for your company’s apps should be whitelisted. Open your app from the Urban Airship dashboard, click the gear icon (Settings) dropdown menu, and choose Team Access. Note the names on the list. Repeat for each of your apps.

  3. Add your IP address to the whitelist first. To make that easy, the IP address from which you are accessing your Urban Airship account will always be listed at the top of the IP Whitelist screen.

  4. If anyone, including you, needs to have access to an app when working remotely (from home, hotel, convention center, coffee shop, etc.), his or her remote IP address must be included on the whitelist in addition to the work IP address. Bear in mind that some internet service providers periodically rotate their customers’ IP addresses. If this is a common occurrence, consider recommending that individuals working remotely tunnel in to your company’s network via a corporate virtual private network (VPN) that routes all their traffic through the corporate network.

Create an IP Whitelist

When you save the first IP address or range on the whitelist, you will block all individuals not originating from that saved IP address or range; they will not be able to access any of your company’s apps. Consider creating the initial whitelist off-hours to avoid inadvertently blocking a colleague’s access to an app.

  1. Click your username from the right side of the Urban Airship dashboard header, and select IP Whitelist.

  2. Click the + Add an IP address button, enter your current IP address, and click the Save button.

    Your current IP address will be displayed at the top of the page, and it will change from blue to gray when saved to the whitelist. If you need to access your company’s Urban Airship account from more than one location / IP address, add each of those IP addresses in this initial session.

    If your current IP address is not the IP range you’re attempting to add, or isn’t in the saved IP ranges, you will get a validation error; the system will prevent you from locking yourself out in the same session you’re setting up.

    If you enter an invalid IP address, the field color will change to yellow and display an error message.

  3. Click the + Add an IP address button and enter an individual IP address or a block of IP addresses using CIDR notation.

    If you enter a valid individual IP address that is part of a valid IP address block you have already saved to the whitelist, you will not get an error message. You can also enter the same IP address or block multiple times and not get an error message.

  4. Click the Save whitelist button. Valid entries will change from blue to gray, indicating that the IP address has been saved to the whitelist.

    To remove an IP address, click the Remove IP button to the right of the address.

Session Management

Session Management lists all active web browser sessions of your Team Members logged into the Urban Airship dashboard.

  • IP Address: The IP address provided by the browser. This may help you verify the network origin of the session.
  • Session Start: The date and time when the session began.
  • Session Expiry: The date and time when the session will expire. Sessions automatically expire two weeks after session start.

Click the Delete session button to manually end a session. Delete a session if you suspect it has been hijacked or a password has been compromised.

If you ever have any security concerns, immediately contact


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides added security for logins, requiring a combination of something you know (password) and something you have (mobile device).

This feature is available upon request. Please contact your Urban Airship Account Manager to enable this setting on your account.

Detail and set up steps are in the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) user guide.

Log Out

End your session! Want to end another Team Member’s session? See Session Management.

Log In and Reset

After five unsuccessful login attempts, the account is locked for 30 minutes, and a notification sent to the account’s email address.

Reset your password by clicking the Forgot password? link below the log in fields, or go directly to Unused reset links expire in 24 hours.