Account Administration



Learn how Channels are used as device identifiers.

Custom Events

Track user activities and key conversions in your app or from your site via Custom Events.


Target users where they are most likely to receive your message.

Predictive Churn

Use Predictive Churn to identify users who are likely to leave your app.

Templates and Examples

Custom Event Templates

Use Custom Event Templates to create custom events for common account-, media-, or retail-related events.

Custom HTML Templates for Rich Pages

Create custom templates for Message Center messages and landing pages by uploading an HTML page.

Example API Requests

A collection of common API use-cases, with example requests in multiple languages.

Windows 8 WNS Payload Examples

A collection of example Push API V3 payloads for WNS.

How To

Create a Message Center Widget for Android

Create a home screen widget that lists Message Center messages.

Create a Message Center Widget for iOS

Create a Today screen widget that lists Message Center messages.

Customize In-App Messages

Engage users via customizable banner notifications as they browse your app.

Customize Landing Pages for Android

Customize your Android app's Landing Pages.

Customize Message Center for Android

Customize the look and feel of your Android app's Message Center.

Customize Message Center for iOS

Customize the look and feel of your iOS app's Message Center.

Customize the iOS Preference Center

How to customize and display a tag-based Preference Center.

Deep Linking for Android

Use Deep Linking to open an application to a specific resource.

Deep Linking for iOS

Use Deep Linking to open an application to a specific resource.

Delay Channel Registration

Delay channel registration from occurring on the application's first run.

Disable Push Token Upon Channel Registration

Disable sending the FCM token, ADM ID, or device token during channel registration.

Use API Static Lists

Target user groups via Static Lists.

Additional Guides

Ad IDs

Optimize your user acquisition and re-marketing campaigns with Ad IDs.

Adaptive Links

Generate a single link that automatically detects the device OS and installs the appropriate pass.

Apple Watch Primer

See the Apple Watch notification interfaces, and learn how to send notifications to Apple Watch via the Urban Airship API.

Location Triggers

Send real-time Automated messages via Location Triggers.

Mobile Data Bridge Primer

Segment your audience based on both mobile and non-mobile data.

Mobile Data Bridge: Quick Start Guide

Learn how to use Mobile Data Bridge functionality with your app.

Quick Start Guide: Reporting for Apple Watch

Use Custom Events and Tags to report on engagement and segment for future messaging.

Tag Groups Walkthrough

Learn how to create and use a Tag Group.


Learn how to use iBeacons with Engage and Reach.