Event Triggers

In the Setup section of the Automation Composer, you must choose which event type will trigger sending your message. Each trigger and its options are detailed here.

Predicted to Churn

Predictive Churn tags are available to customers who purchase predictive analytics as an add-on to either an Insight or Connect pricing plan. Consult your Urban Airship Account Manager for details.

Trigger when a user’s behavior results in a change of the predicted likelihood of becoming inactive, or churning. Predictive Churn analyzes your audience for users that exhibit behaviors indicating they are likely to become inactive, and tags the users as High, Medium, and Low risk.

Check to select a risk profile, then use the dropdown menu to apply the trigger when the risk is either added or removed.

  • High risk: Users most likely to become inactive.

  • Medium risk: Users who exhibit signs of potentially becoming inactive.

  • Low risk: Users least likely to become inactive.

See Settings: Configuration: Predictive to enable this for your app.

Tag Change

Trigger when a Tag Change occurs, and select whether it happens when being Added or Removed from a device.

Type ahead to find tags that exist in the system, or create a new tag.


Trigger after a period of Inactivity. Enter your desired number of days.

First Open

Trigger upon the app’s First Open. A delay is required for First Open triggers, with a minimum delay of one hour to ensure delivery. In the Delivery step of this workflow you may specify a number of hours or days after the first time the app was opened.


Trigger based on device Location. Location triggering requires our Gimbal integration.

Select whether this trigger is dependent on when the device Enters or Exits, then click the Select a location button. There are two types of locations available for selection: geofences and beacons. Use the location search dialog to select from the geofences and beacons available to you. Confirm your choices on the Selections tab, then click the Save & Continue button.

See the Location Triggers topic guide for additional detail.

Custom Event

Trigger when an Event occurs, and optionally add a conditional value. See our Custom Events topic guide for more information about custom events.

Type ahead to search custom events that occurred within the last 30 days, then click your selection from the listed results. If there are no results for your searched term, click the Use [search term] button to use the event name as typed.

Add filters to trigger only when the value of an event is equal to, greater than, or less than a specified value. Click the Add value button; choose between equal to, greather than or equal to, or less than or equal to; then enter a value, up to six digits. Click the plus sign to add an additonal filter, maximum two per event.

If you would like to set multiple Event triggers, click the Add another event button and continue with your specifications. Multiple events are handled as a boolean OR.