Split Results by Tag

Insight makes it easy to analyze the attributes of specific user groups. For example, suppose you want to understand the attributes and behavior of your daily active users. One rich source of data to leverage is user tag data – which tags are most common among daily active users?

This guide details the process of splitting up Insight results by tag. Specifically, we are going to use Daily Active Users data – unique users that opened the app yesterday – and we are going to splice the users by tag.

Only App Opens and Custom Events can be spliced by tag.

  1. Navigate to the Insight section in the Dashboard, and select Lifecycle. Click on Daily Active Users:
  2. You should now be viewing a new exploration panel. By default, the Device ID and List Export Platform dimensions will be selected:

    Deselect these dimensions by clicking on the Device ID and List Export Platform text.

  3. Next, select the Users Event Count measure, located under Measures, and the Primary Device Tag item, located under the Tags menu. Your window should now look something like this:

    Be sure to select Filter on the Primary Device Tag option, and filter out null values:

  4. Finally, select the Totals option to the right of the Data drop down, and click Run to generate the data:

    You now have a list of tags associated with the users that opened the app yesterday!

Because a single user can have multiple tags set, the sum of values on the right side of the table does not correspond to the total number of daily active users. E.g., in the final image, a single user could have the likely-buyer, basketball and bourbon tags. In this case, one user accounts for three tags in the table. The total at the bottom right corresponds to the number of users that opened the app and had a tag set. If a user with no tags set opens your app, their action will not be included in the total. Consequently, the total may not match the number of daily active users.

You can also filter by specific device property tags. For example, we can look at the iOS SDK versions used by our daily active users. In Step 3 above, rather than selecting Primary Device Tag, select iOS UA SDK Version, under Device Property Tags. Click Run and view the results:

We can see that most of our daily active users that use iOS are on SDK 7.0.x.