Updating Passes

Pass updates are an integral piece of your Reach campaign strategy. Once a Reach pass is installed on a user’s device, send updates that make sense for the campaign’s lifecycle.

We have provided example campaigns for three pass types in the Recommended Use section below. Simple, common, and complex Use Cases follow. Update Methods covers how to update passes and considerations for each method.

Recommended Use

After users install your pass, update the pass with values and notifications relevant to where users are in the campaign’s lifecycle.

Pass Type: Loyalty

Scenario: Tier Upgrade

Step Update the pass when… New content for the pass
1 A user hits a new point tier. Point balanceStrip imageNotification: New point balance and tier status
2 A user hits the next point tier — go back to step 1!

Pass Type: Coupon

Scenario: Sale offers

Step Update the pass when… New content for the pass
1 A sale starts Validate the pass
2 Pass expiration is impending Notification: Warning about expiration, which drives people to stores
3 A sale ends Expire the passAdd image that tells the user to watch for new offers
4 You have a new offer — go back to step 1!

Pass Type: Event Ticket

Scenario: Event details: session content, address, resources, contest results

Step Update the pass when… New content for the pass
1 A user’s next session is starting soon Notification: Upcoming session time and location, and contest enrollment
2 A user’s session ended Notification: Attendance thank you, and contest results
3 Next session — go back to step 1!
4 You have an announcement Notification: Festival news, or about events related to previously attended sessions
5 You have a VIP event Invitation to VIP event

Use Cases


  • Loyalty: Upgraded tier

  • Coupon: Sales offer

  • Gift Card: Balance change

  • Member Card: Renewal reminder

  • Event Ticket: Seat assignment

  • Boarding Pass: Gate change


  • Send alerts and additional information based on tags or location changes.

  • Modify values, with or without an alert.

  • Add generic locations or beacons to a pass via the UI (up to ten locations or beacons).


  • Personalize with user-specific location or beacons tied to the pass (not supported by all passes).

  • Add/remove segmentation attributes to a pass.

  • Change barcode type and/or value.

Update Methods

Passes can be updated via the dashboard or the API.


Updates via the dashboard are limited to Apple Wallet passes, and updates apply to:

  • Images

  • Logo text

  • Colors

  • Back of pass fields

See Sync Changes for detail.


Consider these three things for each update, and you’ll know your passholders are getting the right changes.

  1. AUDIENCE: Make sure you are updating via the appropriate endpoint.

    Bulk update via the API is essentially the same as using Sync Changes in the UI, but the API has more options.


    • Are you updating a generic pass, where all passholders have the same content? Go for it.

    • Are you updating personalized passes? If so, make sure you aren’t replacing values for all passholders that are passholder-specific.

  3. TEST: Use a test template and confirm the changes before updating your users’ passes. Already confident with test templates? You may want to use a test tag instead.

See API: Passes: Update Pass for the full documentation.