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Developer Resources


Check our Status Page for information about availability of our various services, including API, Push services, our web application, etc.

Developers Blog

In addition to our corporate blog, we have a dedicated Developers Blog.

The Urban Airship Developers Blog is intended primarily as a communication channel for any system updates that developers need to know about, including SDK, server library and API updates, no matter how small.

Also, look for announcements on product releases from our Product Management team, the occasional programming thinkpiece, and a monthly reminder to check out our latest Release Notes. Enjoy!

Getting Started


Android and Amazon


Our Windows SDK supports Windows and Windows Phone.

PhoneGap/Cordova – iOS and Android Plugins

Mobile Sample Code

We have a number of sample implementations for your reference.


Android and Amazon

Blackberry (push-only):

Server Libraries

The server libraries referenced below can save on implementation time, but they are not required to use the Urban Airship API.

Urban Airship provides several open source wrapper libraries for the API. See each library’s documentation for more information on capabilities and completeness. These are provided as sample code, and Urban Airship makes no guarantees as to completeness or regularity of updates. However, we do welcome pull requests with a signed contribution agreement.