Contribution Agreement

What is the Conributor License Agreement, and what does it mean?

The Contributor License Agrement (CLA) below is to ensure that when someone contributes code to one of our open source libraries that we have a clear record of the license to use it. This is necessary so that we can ensure to all of our customers that they can make use of our libraries and tools without worry. You retain copyright of all of your code.

Please read through the agreement below. If you have questions about this agreement or why we need it, please contact us at, or by phone at (800) 720-2098.


Thank you for your interest in Urban Airship, Inc. (“UA”). The terms and conditions of this agreement set forth the terms and conditions under which you, the person or entity listed below (“you” or “your”), may contribute software code or any other work of authorship (the “Contribution”) to UA. This agreement also applies retroactively to all Contributions that you have made before the date you agree to be bound by this agreement. We appreciate your participation in our project, and your help in improving our products, so we want you to understand what will be done with your Contribution. If a legal entity is the contributor, the person signing this agreement represents that he or she has the right to bind the legal entity listed below.

To make a Contribution, please fully and accurately complete the information below and then check the “I agree” box to agree to these terms and conditions. Please read this agreement carefully before signing and print for your records. If you have questions about this agreement, please contact us at (800) 720-2098. If you are not willing to agree to these terms and conditions, you should not check “I agree” and should not submit a Contribution.

Employer's Contribution Policy

If you are employed as a software engineer, or if your employer is in the business of developing software, or otherwise may claim rights in the Contribution, please provide information about your employer’s policy on contributing to open source projects, including the name of the supervisor to contact in connection with such Contributions:

You and UA agree:

  1. Grant of License.

    You hereby grant to UA a perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable, non-terminable, worldwide, no-charge (fully-paid), royalty-free, sublicenseable, transferable license under all of your intellectual property rights relating to the Contribution (including copyrights, patents and any other rights), to (a) use, copy, reproduce, prepare derivative works of, distribute, sublicense, and publically perform and display the Contribution in any form and (b) make, have made, import, sell, offer to sell, and otherwise dispose of products or services that include, incorporate or are based upon the Contribution in any form.

  2. Ownership of Rights.

    You retain ownership of your copyrights, patents, and any other intellectual property rights relevant to your Contribution.  You represent that you are legally entitled to grant the above license. If your employer has rights or may claim rights to intellectual property that you create, you represent that you have received permission to make the Contribution on behalf of that employer, or that your employer has waived in writing such rights for the Contribution. Nothing in this agreement limits your ability to use your Contribution outside of this agreement in any way you choose.

  3. Original Work.

    You represent that the Contribution is your original work of authorship, and to your knowledge, no other person claims, or has the right to claim, any right in any invention or patent related to the Contribution. You represent that there are no restrictions or requirements that apply to UA’s exploitation of your Contribution other than as set forth in this agreement. You agree to notify UA of any patents that, as of the date of your particular Contribution, (a) you know or reasonably believe or come to know are likely infringed by the Contribution and/or (b) are not licensable by you.

  4. Our Discretion.

    You understand that the decision to include the Contribution in any product or source repository is entirely that of UA, and this agreement does not guarantee that the Contribution will be included in any product.  If UA elects to use the Contribution, UA may sublicense or distribute the Contribution under open source licenses and/or binary, proprietary, or commercial licenses.

  5. AS IS.

    Except with respect to the representations and warranties expressly set forth above, you provide your Contribution “AS IS”.

  6. Term.

    The term of the license granted in Section 1 is perpetual and is not subject to termination for any reason.

  7. Binding.

    This agreement is binding upon you and your successors and assigns.