What's New In Connect

Connect: Webhooks Integration

We are excited to announce our newest Connect integration with webhooks. Using webhooks, you can easily post real-time, user-level events from your mobile audience to your backend systems, generating custom workflows based on mobile events. Since webhooks can post information to any URL, the possiblities are limitless. Here are just a few simple examples of common webhook use cases: Trigger a welcome email send 24 hours after a first app open

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Server-Side Custom Events

We are excited to announce expanded support for custom events. Our new server-side custom events API accepts events from outside systems such as your corporate website, CRM/POS systems, or social media. You can now instrument your servers and other backend systems to send events to Urban Airship in order to send automated messages using custom event triggers. See our Automation Composer and API documentation on custom event triggers. Use Cases Server-side custom events enable a number of new automated messaging options, tying in user lifecyle events from outside of your app.

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Partner Integrations